Episode 5

5. StalinWorld


July 24th, 2015

7 mins 11 secs

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Image: Monika Bernotas and her family interact with statues of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin that were previously located in the cities of Lithuania at Grutas park.

Go to the central square of any Soviet influenced country like Lithuania, and you will find empty pedestals.

The pedestals used hold monuments to Soviet leaders. Where there once were statues of Lenin and Stalin, you now find overgrown bushes and pop-up cell phone stores. 

Where are the statues now? In Lithuania, they are in a pseudo-theme park called Grūtas Park or, unofficially, Stalin World.

With special guest Monika Bernotas.

Notes and Links: 

Grutas Park and the Fate of Soviet Statuary in Lithuania

Grūtas Park - Wikipedia

Music composed by Adam Emanon from his album for rest (2008). Used under a Creative Commons licence.