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Museum Archipelago’s sponsorships help grow your product, institution, or podcast by reaching an audience of discerning museum people.

Museum Archipelago averages 3,500 direct downloads per episode. Because Museum Archipelago only sells one sponsorship per episode, listeners listen to your message. Each sponsorship is read by the host, Ian Elsner. Your purchase includes a link and line of copy in the shownotes and a link in the .mp3 chapter of the ad. If you want to advertise on a particular show, please indicate at purchase. If you have any questions, or if you are interesting in buying serveral sponsorships for a bulk rate, please contact Purchasing an ad signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Sale below.

Thanks for considering an ad on Museum Archipelago.


$99 for a single episode
$249 for a pack of three episodes
$349 for a pack of five episodes


❌ April 15th
✅ April 29th
✅ May 13th
✅ May 27th


Purchasers input ad copy at checkout. Once an ad is purchased, the copy must be approved by Museum Archipelago, which typically occurs within 24 hours. Museum Archipelago reserves the right to reject an ad for any reason, such as (but not limited to) poor fit for the audience. If your ad is not accepted, your payment will be refunded if possible.

Payment is handled through Stripe, which supports Apple Pay.